Thursday, September 9, 2010

SSUSA National, Tokynbo Ajiboye—New York, NY (Midfield)

TK (top) celebrates with Asst. Coach Reed and Goalie Ron (photo Rich Qualters)
Tokynbo Ajiboye—New York, NY (Midfield)
Tokunbo Ajiboye, “TK”, was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky but lives now in Far Rockaway, N.Y. His parents are Nigerian, and took him home when he was young. Trying to get back to the US to pursue secondary education and soccer, TK helped a friend traffic drugs and consequently served 18 months in prison.  Determined, but frustrated and overwhelmed, TK found Street Soccer USA at the HELP USA shelter in NYC. That has made all the difference. Now TK is working towards his bachelor’s degree, and is currently in his own apartment, which he supports by working as a waiter in Long Island, NY.

The New York Program, run by Will Mazzuto, serves three shelters run by the Street Soccer USA’s parent organization, HELP USA.
Make an online donation during the month of  September and receive a free, red, SSUSA supporters' bracelet.

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