Sunday, September 12, 2010

SSUSA National, David Alan Altherr—Ann Arbor, MI (Defender)

David Alan Altherr—Ann Arbor, MI (Defender)
David survived a difficult and abusive childhood, took responsibility for the consequences of some bad choices he made in his adulthood, and now thrives as a 7-months-sober, housed, responsible citizen who is a positive example and mentor to his 9-year-old daughter and his peers.  He also inspires his coaches with his optimism, wicked sense of humor, and compassion for others.  His motto: “I never give up.  I persevere.”

Street Soccer Ann Arbor is run in partnership with the Project Outreach Team from Washtenaw County Social Services. The organization serves homeless, mentally ill and disabled people. The Ann Arbor team won the Fair Play Trophy from SSUSA in 2010 and Sara Silvenoinnen, the team’s founder, was the SSUSA National Coach in 2008.

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