Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sport for Social Change Awards

pictures speak a thousand works. Thank you Rich Qualters.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd Annual Sport For Social Change Awards Tonight in Washington, DC

Street Soccer USA will host the 2nd Sport for Social Change Awards tonight in Washington, DC at the Organization of American States. Please join us if you are in Washington and if not we can still use your support. Please follow the title link to learn more.

A benefit for Street Soccer USA
"using the power of sport to end homelessness"
7pm Cocktail Reception
8pm Awards Program and Dinner Reception
Attire: Cocktail

Purchase online:

His Excellency, Jose Miguel Insulza
Secretary General, Organization of American States
His Excellency the Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Vassilis Kaskarelis

CHAIRED BY Ted Leonsis, Maria Cuomo Cole, and Jose Garcia

Distinguished Honorees:
Fernando Murias, Chair & founder of Greater Washington Sports Alliance
Sheila Johnson, co-Founder of BET, Salamander Hospitality, co-owner of Mystics
Zachary Leonsis, Project Coordinator at Street Soccer USA

Friday, May 14, 2010

Charlotte Scrimmages Local High School

After cheering on the Charlotte Street Soccer 945 team at league games this spring, friends and South Meck club members recently hosted Street Soccer 945 for a scrimmage. The following blog is written by Anna Sturkey, Royal Court Charter member and SSAI organizer.

I asked the members of Sabres Stand Against Indifference (SSAI) who would be willing to play in a scrimmage against Street Soccer 945 one Friday night. When 10 people automatically raised their hands, I knew we would have more than enough. What I didn't know was that not only would 14 people show up to play, but that we would have 10-15 additional students show up to be spectators. A soccer player, and huge fan of Street Soccer 945, Francesca Moss took the lead, organizing the team, to make sure we had some talented and experienced players, though we all knew we were no where near the level of the 945 team.

We arrived at Freedom Park 20 minutes early to practice, considering none of us had ever played together before. The Street Soccer 945 team arrived, making us look small in our random white t-shirts compared to their organized blue uniforms. We scrimmaged four games, and we lost every game but one. There were moments of intensity when one team almost scored (or in the case of 945, did score) but there were also moments of laughter, such as when Luis and I joked about their being no mercy on the field, not even for friends.

The best part of the night was after the games were over, and we headed over to shade to enjoy a taco buffet together. Street Soccer 945 and the SSAI members were suddenly on the same team, enjoying funny (and sometime serious) conversations while scarfing down chips and queso. It was awesome to see high schoolers and neighbors together sharing food, life, and making friends; it was a moment of community.

Later that night, after Street Soccer 945 left, SSAI member Noah Noxon said, "This was the most fun I have had in a long time." All the high schoolers agreed.

To learn more about Street Soccer 945 please contact Pete Fink at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To join the Royal Court fan club or to purchase merchandise, click here

Charlotte Team Launches Fan Club

The Royal Court is a fan club for Street Soccer 945 at the Urban Ministry Center, to celebrate and support the players improving their soccer game and themselves, to raise awareness, and to change the face of homelessness.

As inhabitants of the streets, the homeless have b
een judged by society for decades. Homeless, both visible and not, have struggled to survive. Marginalized by society, the homeless have been stigmatized with negative images. Many of their hopes and dreams have disappeared and burned to the ground. From those ashes, programs have risen to support and empower the homeless. Street Soccer 945 is one of those programs. Street Soccer 945 is an innovative social just ice program dedicated to ending homelessness through sport. Please join the Royal Court in an effort to change the judgements of the homeless. The Royal Court, a fan club for Street Soccer 945, was founded to serve as a new court or set of judges to look at the homeless through eyes of compassion. We invite you to become a charter member of the Royal Court. We look forward to fighting the stereotypes associated with homelessness and supporting with Street Soccer 945 to advocate for the homeless, promote community awareness and empower individuals to change their lives. As a new group of individuals united in this effort, we can make judgments of worth and create positive change so they are seen... valued, inspirational, strong and transformed!

On April 30th, many of the 100 charter members gathered at the residence of community supporters Don and Jo Johnson for food, fun and community. Thanks to support from Royal Court charter members, Street Soccer 945 unveiled its new crest, new uniforms, fan club t-shirts and official Street Soccer 945 scarves.
To learn more about Street Soccer 945 in Charlotte, contact Pete Fink at
To join the Ro
yal Court or purchase merchandise, click here

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1st Annual SSNYC Classic

Come out June 5 and be crowned the 1st ever SSNYC Classic Champion. This 16 team event will be a day full of great soccer, awards, entertainment, food, while supporting a great cause.

To get involved or enter a team please email Will Mazzuto, SSNYC Program Director at

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bay Area Author Dontates a Dollar a book to SSUSA!

Author John Beck is donating a dollar off every sale of his new World Cup Guide to SSUSA--check out the book, and don't forget May 20th is around the corner get your tickets or donate to the SSUSA CUP. Book link is here

tickets at