Saturday, August 4, 2007

Final Day

Daniel, Ray, and Elmer show of the Ombold Trophy competion plate for fourth place as well as their medals. The US earned the respect of its opponents and the referees after an excellent showing in the Cup. We will return home proud and ready to share our story.

An exciting final saw Scotland beat Poland to win the Homeless World Cup.

You can see the large crowd as well as Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik in the brown jacket next to HWC president Mel Young.

Thanking the crowd

pregame photo before our final match against Greece.

Ambassador Cain returned to watch our quarter final victory over Argentina. You can see our players and coaches, the Ambassador in the red tie and Dave Tyahla from the US Soccer Foundation--the charitable arm of the US Soccer Federation, on the US sideline for the match.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Penalties again . . .

The US beat Argentina 6-4 when Michael McGregor scored a late goal and Daniel Martinez added another. For the US it was another in a string of victories. The win also placed them in the semifinals of the Ombold Trophy competition. After dominating and improved Austria squad, the US gave up a goal at the end the end of the first half and then again just one second before the end of the match to finish in a tie. Sharp play in the field did not extend to tidy finishing in front of the net as the US really should have openned a wider advantage. Despite two saves by keeper Reggie Jones, the US missed it's final penalty, allowing Austria to advance to the final. Reggie was in tears after the game, but after the initial sadness wore offf, the team still felt disappointed, but know in their hearts that they have a lot to be proud of.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ambassador Cain Attends match--USA gets 2 wins in 2 matches

Ambassador Cain, former president of the Carolina Hurricanes--the championship NHL hockey team, cheered from the US sidelines and spent time with several players before and after the match. Here he poses with the entire team.

Ambassador Cain, a North Carolinian himself shared his personal coin with Rob and Lawrence. Here he is with Rob explaining the design which is a sports motif encompassing both the Danish and American flags.

Here is Lawrence with the Ambassador chatting about the team and Ambassador Cain North Carolina roots.

On the walk back to the dorm after their second win of the day (6-1 over Canada; 8-4 over Kyrgystan) we caught up with Pop and Reggie who had stopped to help a little boy and his mother put the chain back on the boy's bike. Ray was with us and lended his expertise to finish the job. What sweet ambassadors.

USA wins big over Austria and Slovenia, tie Greece and goes down on penalties.

Despite the loss the US shows great sportsmanship running to thankt the crowd with their Greek opponents.

Captain Daniel consults with the referee before the penalty shootout.

Our team warms up for the big match against Greece.

Elmer scores on a penalty kick.

Three matches in one day was a challenge emotionally and physically. Here Reggie grimaces, preparing for the final match against greece.

Our guys have been in great spirits, acting as true goodwill ambassadors meeting Europeans, African, and fellow Americans traveling abroad.