Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lady Salamander National, Jasmine Alyssa, Minneapolis, MN (Goalkeeper, Striker)

Jasmine Alyssa, Minneapolis, MN (Goalkeeper, Striker)

Jasmine Alyssa was homeless for two years prior to joining the Street Soccer USA program, after being kicked out of her home.  Since joining the Minneapolis Street Soccer team 10 months ago, she has accomplished a lot of wonderful things:

“I started counseling at my coach’s request even though I didn’t like talking about my problems.  I’ve benefited a lot from this because now I know how to handle things better and I’m more open to talking about things.  I also got into transitional housing a month ago and I’m starting a new job next week. I’m graduating soon and also enrolled in college for the fall.” – Jasmine Alyssa

Jose Acuna, National Team coach in 2009, and coach of the Street Soccer USA Cup winners in 2008, and finalist in 2009, is indeed a winner. However what he achieves with the youth off the field is where his real talent lies. In addition to coaching, Jose is performs outreach for our partner YouthLink MN in Minneapolis.

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Cindy Smith said...

All of Coach Acuna's players are winners. Along with his fellow coach/counselors, who are so good with these young people, who really need an adult mentor who is trustworthy, honest and kind.

Sportska said...

Its good for soccer itself not to be "just for men" game. Althou there are are many good women players, I cant think off any as the women soccer is not so well known.