Monday, March 17, 2008

Bicycle Kick!

Pictured here is Rodney Giles, Ray Isaac, Justin Rucker and John Nze of Street Soccer 945 in front of Rodney’s new bike. Last month an anonymous donor read our blog about Rodney’s participation in the Belmont Abbey Hunger Week 5k Race. The donor was so touched by Rodney’s story that they had a bike sent to the Urban Ministry Center for him. Here is a link to that story:

Thanks very much for supporting our players and program. We are thankful!

Rodney Scores a Bicycle

Pictued here is Rodney Giles, Ray-Ray, Justin Rucker and John Nze of Street Soccer 945. Last month an

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Early Start to Spring Cleaning

Our friends over at Trinity Episcopal came down to the Urban Ministry Center on Tuesday to help us sharpen up the Art Park. The winter took its toll on the park leaving debris blown up into the corners of the tire wall and dust and dirt covering the playing field. With brooms and dustpans and plastic gloves for picking up trash the students attacked the field with determination and energy.
The first class focused on sweeping and picking up trash while the second class scrubbed the benches that surround the park, cleaned behind the dasher boards and picked up trash along side the player benches. Some students, particularly the young gentleman in the first picture, were on a mission to get down and dirty while others who still made a big contribution were more in amazement saying "ohh gross, a cigarette!" as they kneeled down to pick up a butt that was resting in the goal mouth. Neigbors of the center and street soccer players jumped in to help and folks who were using the lockers were thankful for having the area cleaned up. The park will be back in full swing in April so please visit the website to find out about the next open mic or soccer scrimmage. The art park continues to bring communities together and be a place of sharing and group effort. The park was erected with the help of UNCC college students and yesterday was maintained with the help of elementary school students all the while neighbors of the Urban Ministry Center tend to its needs year around. Whether it is students working with the community at the center to build or to clean, or it’s the street soccer team working together to prepare for the Homeless World Cup or an open mic night, the art park is a symbol of community collaboration and space. A big thanks to the Trinity students and teachers and of course to our dedicated soccer team members and Homeless Helping Homeless cleanup crew for volunteering your time to make our park clean again.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Historic Moment: San Francisco's First Team

Coach and Organizer Julius Ujeh is pictured in the center with an eager group of new recruits which includes serious soccer talents and some newcomers to the game. If they can sustain their enthusiasm they promise to be and exciting force in the USA Cup this summer in DC. Julius himself has an impressive soccer pedigree, having worked with US Soccer national programs. He now directs Spitfire Soccer Academy in San Francisco.