Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SSUSA National, Jamal Terrel Gordon--San Francisco, CA (Defender, Midfield)

Jamal Terrell Gordon—San Francisco, CA (Defender)

Jamal is originally from Detroit. He grew homeless, child of an addict, he left home at 18 and began sleeping in the parks, abandoned buildings, train, cars, camps, etc. He had not played much soccer before becoming part of the San Fran Team, but he has stuck by his coaches and been a quick study--on and off the field. Now he's just three credits away from his high school diploma. Since joining the team and setting goals, Jamal’s life has slowly but steadily improved. Now that he’s stably housed, Jamal is taking aim at achieving the next set of his goals. Jamal is the type of person you meet and just want to root for. He’s had to do so much on his own since a a young age, that being part of team has played an important and grounding role in his life.
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