Saturday, September 12, 2009

USA Wins to secure place in top 20!

Carlos Valdez was sharp again today, adding three goals to Antoine Lagarde's two and one from Alvin Soto for the USA. The US played a tough Austrian squad, but persevered in the end. Alvin and Carlos each had chances to win it with easy shots in the final seconds, but neither could find the net.

Wes Colter, again, was called upon to rescue the Street Soccer USA. Antoine was there to help. Antoine scored the first goal and Austria was not denied either. Both Carlos and Alvin failed to convert, but two big saves from Colter gave Antoine another opportunity, which he made good on. The cycle repeated itself, and on the third go around Antoine put the US up for the third consecutive time. Colter forced the Austrian penalty taker wide right, and though he passed the keeper, he couldn't steer his shot between the posts. The ball bounced off the wall wide right. The US team stormed onto the field victorious.

Next match will be against tent-mates South Africa. This winner goes to the final of the City of Milan Cup. On the other side of the semi-final is Germany and Malawi.


Anonymous said...

Great Job USA! Keep up the good work!

Susan said...

nice picture ..very proud of you guys..great work!