Saturday, September 12, 2009

US to compete for 19th place in the World

Street Soccer USA and it's team from homeless service agencies across the country have already done better than any previous American team. Despite frustrations in the latest matches, The US team has secured their spot in the top 20, and will battle Germany or Hungry for the 19th spot.

Meanwhile, top prize is favored to go to the world soccer powers Brazil, restoring order to the Homeless World Cup which has been dominated in the past by non World Cup winner: Russia, Poland, Scotland, Afghanistan.

Our players have once again raised the bar for US participation. So far each year the team has climbed. In 2005 they finished last, in the 2006, penultimate, in 2007 31st, and last year 29th. The US has risen despite an increased level of competition overall in the tournament. Congrats to our players. Cheer them on as they strive to finish strong tomorrow.


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