Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charlotte's Peter Fink in South Africa

Our very own Peter Fink, the director and coach of Street Soccer 945, left Thursday for a mission that carries Street Soccer 945 around the world.

Fink is headed to the World Cup in Africa (which we have been following closely, screening games at the Urban Ministry Center), but also will be bringing soccer uniforms and equipment to several local South African townships and their teams, all courtesy of the players at Street Soccer 945. As Peter said, “It was the team’s decision to donate the items, not mine.” Since we received so much with the foundation of our fan club, The Royal Court (click here to join), “the players wanted to give back what was so freely given to them.”

Peter is bringing the soccer supplies with a group called Ambassadors in Sport, who will, in addition to bringing supplies and watching World Cup games, be traveling to various townships and teaching soccer clinics.

Fink commented on his excitement about both his trip and Street Soccer 945: “My job affords me the opportunity to witness the beauty of the human spirit daily, but to extend this compassion across the globe? That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” We wish Peter the best in his travels and mission, and thank him for embodying the Street Soccer goal to “end homelessness through sport.”

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Lawrence said...

pete, you do a tremendous, tremendous job. the spirit of contributing and wanting to give shows the impressive sense of self and self worth that your team has developed. keep up the great work. if you are in an around charlotte, join this fan club and support pete and his great leadership.