Monday, June 7, 2010

Ramapo Wins First SSNYC Classic

This past Saturday, 12 teams came to Street Soccer NYC’s home field inside the HelpUSA Supportive Employment Center in hopes to be crowned the first ever Street Soccer NYC Classic Champions. All of the teams came out to help support the SSNYC team with their travel expenses to get down to Washington DC at the end of July for the SSUSA Cup. Of those 12 teams that participated, 3 were made up of SSNYC players and volunteers with the World Soccer Project also submitted 3 teams. The tournament was played on the official SSUSA pitch inside of the gymnasium that SSNYC practices on 2 nights a week. The day was filled with music, great soccer and a lot of support for the SSNYC program.

Team Ramapo ruled the day as they went through their bracket, semi finals and finals without losing a game. Even though their record may show they had an easy day, the games surely did not. Falling behind 4-1 at halftime in the finals, they scrapped their way back into the game before taking a 1 goal lead with less then 2 minutes and holding onto it as team Dan Morganroth attacked them with everything that they had.

The day turned out to be a great success thanks to all of the volunteers that came out to support the tournament. Thank you to everyone who came to play, cheer, volunteer, coach and view the first ever SSNYC Classic. We look forward to more Street Soccer tournaments in the future as we continue to develop the SSNYC program!

SSNYC Volunteer team and World Soccer Project 3 team wishing each other luck before their kick off

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