Thursday, July 9, 2009

WHO WE ARE: Contender #5- Ann Arbor SSPORT

Street Soccer is thriving in Washtenaw County, Michigan as the team returns for the 2009 Street Soccer USA Cup. Operated by the Project Outreach Team, "SSPORT" began when now coach Sara Silvennionen stumbled upon the Homeless World Cup. An in effort to bring the program to her area, she contacted Street Soccer USA and soon SSPORT was off and running.

Last year the team made a splash at their Cup debut. They finished fourth overall and took home two prized trophies. The first, the Washington Kastles Trophy, was awarded to the best female athlete. The second was the Kevin Caroll Katalyst Trophy which goes to the coach who best exemplifies the concept that "A ball can change your life". On top of this, Sara Silvennoinen was asked to coach the United States team at 2008 Homeless World Cup in Melbourne, Australia.
The program continues to grow. On March 29, 2009 SSPORT held the "Kicking Homelessness to Curb" fundraiser. The team faced off against the Washtenaw County Sheriffs Department. The two teams played to a 6-6 tie and SSPORT was able to raise enough funds to cover their trip to Washington this summer.

Washtenaw County has finished its season at the World Wide Sport Center, and now practices at West Park in Ann Arbor every Thursday from 2-4. Keep an eye out for more events and updates with the team at their website.

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