Monday, July 27, 2009

St. Louis Roadies in the News!

Check out the latest of the Street Soccer USA teams to be featured by their local media. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently covered Keith Deisner and his St. Louis Roadies as they prepare for the SSUSA Cup.

Only three days to go!


Anonymous said...

Soccer bums who should be looking for a job instead of begging.

Lawrence Cann said...

It is not surprising to me that in the space of the internet where digital distance assuages confrontation, the bravado of conveniently unnamed comment bombers goes unchecked. What is surprising to me is persistence of illogical phrases of thought and stereotypes on internet chat rooms and blogs when it comes to homelessness. For example, training on a sports team = not looking for employment. It shouldn't surprise me. Unfortunately when the internet lifts the thin veneer of politeness, gut reactions that represent prejudices flourish. The Roadies in this case are pre-judged as "bums." I think the point that the St. Louis Roadies are trying to make through their soccer team, more eloquently than our commenter I might add, and with actions rather than words is that they are not trying to beg, that they want to try to achieve, that given any opportunity they want to apply themselves. That is the inherent logic of our Street Soccer teams. You join the team because you want to change your life. For that and for being bravely not anonymous in their efforts, the St. Louis Roadies should be commended. Go Roadies!

Ken Sweda said...

The truth always wins out, Lawrence. Way to keep on message. Best of luck this weekend and continued success, from a committed Chicago volunteer. Go Ice!