Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ted Leonsis, Number 10

Individuals are moved every day by films they see, articles they read, stories they hear. It is not everyday however that individuals are moved and then act on it. Ted Leonsis has made a habit of this uncommon behavior.
When Ted decided to produce Kicking It, he elevated the profile of sport for social change to new levels. That could have been enough and certainly would have been enough, but Ted was moved, and it is his habit to take action.
Thanks to Ted’s leadership through the Leonsis Family Foundation, the SSUSA Cup is here in Washington, DC for the second year in a row. Ted’s leadership established a platform on which SSUSA and its players have built a national movement. For all this and for the time he has spent with our players, especially Craig, Ted is number 10.
Be like ted and visit "Be Number 10."

Remember Kickoff on Friday: 12:30 PM at 10th and H Street, Kastles Stadium more info here

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