Friday, November 21, 2008

Tad and Sabelyn in Austin TX

Public radio did a great feature on Sabelyn and Tad ahead of Tad's participation in the Homeless World Cup. Tad has set an example for other with his spirit and achievement. Sabelyn has been his muse. Sabelyn started the Austin Entourage over a year ago. She's been a model of dedication, consistency and caring for the team. Even when numbers have waned, Sabelyn has been there for the few that needed a coach and a confidant. Tad has blossomed under her tutelage. He's embraced the Street Soccer USA theme of ambassador and advocate. Listen here to the radio piece. You can also link below to see Tad on TV, playing footsie with a local host on "Fitness Friday." Tad will be writing a blog during his travels; stay linked in here to find links to his posts.


Coach Craig said...

Tad the man---grillin' & chillin'. Now you can have a grilled cheeseburger the easy way----get it----get it!?!{_:)

Wish Lawrence, all your other brothers, sisters and everyone else involved the very best. Of course with Sabelyn as our spearhead we're all here pulling for you, hoping to find a way to catch your games broadcast somehow. Speaking of games being broadcast, I think I remember you saying you would be in Paris on Thanksgiving and would find a place to watch the Cowboys kick Seattle's ass...or something to that effect. If so, check out this place:

Please get in touch with me as soon as you can because I need to send you a couple of things while you're still in LA.

Peace in your heart
A ball at your feet


P.S. Lawrence, could you please pass this info along to Tad if this isn't the proper place for me to communicate with him? I believe he'll have a blog set up soon and I don't have any of his contact info.

Thanks so much,



Coach Craig said...

Howdy again,
From looking at some of the comments posted about the pub i linked to above, it may be a little pricey. This link gives 6 other options

Good luck. Go 'boys!