Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do the Kangaroo from St. Louis, Missouri!

National Team member Oscar Granberry was homeless for over a year. After a divorce he left home and moved into his car. He drove up to St. Louis from Louisiana in hopes of making a fresh start. After a year of bad luck and brooding, Oscar started getting meals at the Peter and Paul Community Service Center. That's where he was asked to join the center's soccer team. After making the national pool at the Homeless USA Cup in DC, Oscar felt renewed hope and determination to get off the street. The first thing he realized when he got back was that his car was stolen. He spent July and August sleeping rough. Despite the adversity Oscar says he never felt more positive or confident. The soccer team and his coach Keith Deisner at the Peter and Paul Community Service Center supported Oscar emotionally during what was a very long fall.

Today Oscar rents his own loft in downtown St. Louis. He moved in last month. He hopes to become a cook in at the restaurant where he has worked since August.

Thursday he leaves for Australia.

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