Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sacramento Kicks Off!

Check out their handsome team pictured above (Top row: Rt. to Lt. Monique, Eileen, Alicia, Deon, Christina, Matt, Chris-Director, Bottom Row: Josh, Wes, Cris, Isaac and John)

Team Manager Chris Mann understands the power of sports and has been using sports to catalyze personal development for several years already. Now he's designing programming around Street Soccer USA and the Homeless USA Cup.

The program he leads in Sacramento is developed out of Mather Community Campus and Adolfo Youth Services. This collaborative service provides a comprehensive education and training program for homeless people seeking to change there lives. 182 singles and 55 families with 110 children as well as the Emancipated Foster Youth Program housing 40 residents populate the campus. While Chris has served over 500 people with life changing sports activities, this is the first soccer team of any kind he has implements. In Chris's words, "This event is a god-send to our program. We look forward to being in DC next year and playing with the other folks who are in this life changing event. We are training twice a week and we have been fortunate enough to play in an indoor facility and on site. As the weather turns we will practice in a church gym in our community. The 8 men and 4 women have been training for 2 months now and are very excited about this opportunity."

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Chris. Best of luck to you and your team!