Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kicking IT Star Wins 5k!

A week a go last Saturday the star of the ESPN Documentary KICKING IT, directed by Susan Koch, and produced by Ted Leonsis, Craig Holley, traveld to Belmont Abbey College with fellow members of the Street Soccer 945 program of the Urban Ministry Center for 5K race.

The race benefited Street Soccer 945 to the tune of $1,500. For next year, the college is making plans to expand the campaign to raise ten times as much for the program. Street Soccer 945 is thrilled with student and staff enthusiasm for the cause and the attention they gave to the players.

Nine players from Street Soccer 945 completed the 5k. Craig, who know has had steady work since mid summer and and rents his own place with a roommate, won the men's division.

In the next Street Soccer 945 match, Craig called for himself to be subbed out, a rarity. Craig, what's a matter, are you still tired from the big race, was the coach's question. "No," Craig said, "I was feeling angry and frustrated so I figured I would call myself out instead of doing something stupid."

Kudos to Craig and the progress he continues to achieve.

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