Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kicking it off!

National Coalition for the Homeless ED, Michael Stoops, Ted Leonsis, Ed Foster-Simeone of the US Soccer Foundation, and Lawrence Cann and Rob Cann of Street Soccer USA symbolically kicked off the Homeless USA Cup 2008.

The ball used was the Kevin Carrol Red Ball which has come to symbolize the sports for social change movement and Kevin’s mantra, “a ball can change your life!”

Mark Ein, who hosted us in his World Team Tennis Stadium rolled out the first ball in the openning match.

We also want ot the thank NIKE whose representatives could not make it to help us kick off the tournament, but whose LET ME PLAY campaign outfitted all our players with top of the line gear for the tournament, including balls, shinguards, goalie gloves, you name it . . .

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