Thursday, July 3, 2008

Announcing the 2008 United States National Homeless World Cup Team!

Players Celebrate

The 8 person roster was chosen on the basis of soccer ability, personal achievements off the pitch, and positive spirit. In the end we wanted the best goodwill ambassadors for the tournament in Melbourne, Australia.

1 Tad Christie, Austin, TX

2.Tim Cummings Charlotte, North Carolina

3.Cornelius Cruz, Santa Rosa, California

4.Densi Diaz, Los Angeles California

5. Johnny Figueroa, Los Angeles, California

6. Loyal Hunter, Minneapolis, MN

7. Diego Vivieros, New York, New York

8. Jeremy Wisham, Atlanta, GA


Coach Craig said...

Well, I'm glad my mouse took me here to see our amazing World Cup Team before they head off to OZ. I live in Austin and have been fortunate enough to coach Tad these past two Thursdays and will continue to do so until he's off for the big event. Tad's a great man and it's been a real pleasure to meet him. He's going to do his country and his teammates proud down under.

I want to thank Kay Rawlins and Ron Dennie at the Austin Aztex for putting me in touch with Sabelyn Pussman, the head honcho of Street Soccer in Austin and the Austin Endeavor. I hope to be with this group for a long, long time.

Back to the boys---I wish I could stretch out across the country and train you all before you leave on what I know will be a truly life-changing event for you all. You're in the middle of an amazing transformation and I know you feel it in your bones---in your souls.

God bless you, brothers, in all you do.

Carry peace in your hearts and a ball at your feet,

Coach Craig

Lawrence said...

Coach Craig, I loved your post and am so glad to hear of your experience. Tad touches everyone the same way. amazing guy. If you can join us in LA before we leave, please come and train with us if not, keep in touch, and keep up the good work, Lawrence

Anonymous said...

falto mi foto en esa pagina yo tamnien sere parrte del ekipo mi nombre es carlos gonzalez

Coach Craig said...

Hola Carlos Gonzalez!

And thank you for the kind words, Lawrence. The time is coming short for the boys and I know they must be excited.