Thursday, July 3, 2008

Katalyst for Positive Change Coaches Award

Jeremy Goldberg presented the Kevin Caroll Katalyst Coaches Award on behalf of Kevin Carroll to the coach who did the most to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of his or her players.

Sara Silvanoinean, a mental health care outreach worker for the Homeless at Port (link) in Ann Arbor, Michigan researched the Homeless World Cup in 2006 and made it to our organizing conference in Charlotte in June of 2007. She immediately got to work back home and created the most developed program in country outside of the original Charlotte program. Her program has helped engage youth like Raul and Jordan who have rebounded quickly thanks to soccer from bouts of homelessness to 54 year old brain trauma victim Randal who once coached his kids soccer and now plays with Anne Arbor as means of therapy as well as of combatting depression. Congrats Sara and thank you Kevin Carroll, your personal story and tireless efforts to promote social change through sports across globe is a guiding light.

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