Thursday, July 3, 2008


Check out this poster put together by Rise Sports and Concrete2Green. Rise Sports is a brand for street soccer attire. Concrete2Green strives to build an infrastructure for urban soccer by building fields, especially ones based on the futsal model.

The poster highlights a poetry slam in addition to our featured match of the weekend between FC Harlem and our street soccer national team. The national team featured Craig Holley from 2006, Ray Isaac of 2005, and brothers Dave and Michael McGregor of 2007. Stephanie Johnson and Fred Harrel of 2005 were also at the tournament as ambasssadors. And let’s remind everyone that all these players have escaped homelessness!

We are pleased to be collaborating with these groups because like us, they want to help develop ubran street soccer, but more importantly, like us, they want to develop it responsibly such that programs that help people in life are of primary importance. Soccer while a great joy and passion is not and ends in itself but a means to a stronger, healthier community.

Here is a photo SSUSA pres, Lawrence Cann, with Concrete2Green’s Akbar Majeed and Irv Smalls, director of FC Harlem. We believe we have a big future together with these groups.

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