Wednesday, April 21, 2010

S.S. PORT's 2nd "Beat the Streets with Soccer" Fundraiser

~The S.S. PORT and WCSO Teams~

"Beat The Streets With Soccer" Fundraiser

March 28, 2010

Team S.S. PORT defends against Team WCSO

The S.S. PORT Team after the match

The Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor, Michigan) S.S. PORT (Street Soccer Project Outreach Team) embarked upon our second annual fundraiser on March 28, 2010. Despite not reaching our goal financially, the event was very successful in community networking, publicizing the street soccer program and the fight to end homelessness, and providing an afternoon of fun for specatators and players alike.

The event consisted of a soccer match between the local Street Soccer team, S.S. PORT, and the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office (WCSO). Before, during, and after the event, approximately 40 prizes that were donated by local businesses were raffled off to the crowd who purchased raffle tickets at $5 each. S.S. PORT players of all skill levels got equal time on the field and each player received a commemorative award from a Sheriff's Office counterpart, or "shadow Sheriff."

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Rob C. said...

This is such a great event that is now a yearly tradition. Way to go Sara and Linda and SS PORT. See you guys in a few months in DC!