Tuesday, April 27, 2010

“Growth in the Windy City and Beyond”

Street Soccer Chicago:

April 27, 2010

Mind, Body and Team Spirit: The Ice Gets More Solid”

Though springtime has melted any of mother nature’s ice from Chigagoland, “The Ice” in the western suburbs is getting rock solid.

After two months of practice, members of “The Ice” have grown as individuals in a multitude of ways, including new jobs, continuing education endeavors as well as improving in personal responsibility, and respect for self and others. All of these individual changes have lead to a stronger group of men, who are all ready to continuing learning through the team soccer experience and seeing themselves as winners in the game of life.

The team will have their first scrimmage at “Just for Kick’s” Indoor Arena in Plainfield on Monday May 3rd at 7:30pm and would love to see the community come out and share in the fun.

Special thanks to the following volunteers who have helped and supported “The Ice” so far this season. I hope to be able to add more names to the list as the team prepares for the Street Soccer USA Cup 2010!

· Mark Balsan

· Melissa and Max Lawson

· Jeff “Roscoe” Maid

· Elise Manzie

· Nancy Manzie

· Karol Oaks

· Ken Sweda

Welcome Lincoln Park!

What’s the newest thing to sprout up in the streets of Chicago this spring? - A new street soccer team based out of Lincoln Park of course! Please get ready to extend a hand of support to Street Soccer Chicago’s second team to join the Street Soccer USA family.

Special thanks to the following for helping to make this new beginning possible :

· Lincoln Park Community Shelter

· Katie McNamara

· Chris Clark

· Mark Eckerle

Stanley Cup, maybe…Street Soccer Cup:


July 29th - August 1st 2010

Your Support is Needed


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