Monday, April 19, 2010

Street Soccer 945 All-Women's Team Debut Practice

Since it’s original inception in 2004, the Street Soccer program in Charlotte has continually grown and flourished. Taking a program from nothing to what it is today is no small feat. It’s a sometimes arduous task that requires constant attention and continual focus on the next milestones ahead.

2010 has already started to shape up as a year of the milestones for Street Soccer 945. Finishing out their winter season this past March, the 945 All-Star team brought home a championship win in their Men’s Intermediate league. Not only was this a milestone for Street Soccer 945, but also for Street Soccer USA representing the first championship win of any Street Soccer USA team in the country. Next on the 945 plate was establishing a first-class fan club, the Royal Court, for the 945 team. The energy generated by the Royal Court has been infectious and Street Soccer 945 has continued the maturing process that Lawrence and Rob Cann started during their respective tenures.

Today, Street Soccer 945 took a step towards another monumental milestone: forming their first womens-only street soccer team. Following the cues from the Minneapolis team, Street Soccer 945 had their first womens-only practice today and the signs were encouraging.

In attendance this afternoon was an even balance of individuals. Joining Pete this afternoon in the coaching realm is Brittany and our new volunteer coach Jill Brehm. In the player arena we have two veterans and two newbies. Ebony and Nori have been with the 945 program for awhile now, while Myrah and Kyra are new to the world of soccer. Since it was the first practice for this new entity the coaches started with the fundamentals before some fun stuff. As a spectator, I must admit that by the end of practice I was very optimistic at where this team is heading. Good things are on the horizon. Good things.

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