Monday, April 19, 2010

High School Tournament Hosts SSNYC

The Green Farms Academy (GFA) Community Service Committee held a great soccer tournament yesterday with all proceeds going to Street Soccer USA. Six teams participated in the event including the Street Soccer NYC team.

The day started out with me speaking to the teams about how at Street Soccer we use a lot of the same principles that they are using at Green Farms Academy, including giving structure and having the foundation of a community behind each other to achieve all of our goals.

And what a community GFA has!! This event was run by a group of 17 and 18 year old students who found out about Street Soccer USA when Lawrence Cann went to their high school to explain the program last year. A couple of weeks ago I went to speak to their Community Service Committee about the impact that having an event such as this will have on our players.

As for Street Soccer NYC involvement, we started off tying and losing our first two games. After a lunch intermission provided by GFA, we got together and decided we were going to change the way we played and compact the field as a team in an effort to shore up our defense and allow the other teams to make mistakes that we would take advantage of. With this strategy and playing as a complete team SSNYC went on to win its next 3 games and advance to the finals. Even though the team fell in the finals it was a great day had by all. The team got to enjoy a full day of food, friendship, music and soccer, as well as be recognized for all of the positive things that they are doing.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Green Farms Academy for the event and for all of the amazing work they are doing. This event will make a huge difference in everyone's life that was there and go a long way in SSUSA's attempt to end homelessness.

Will Mazzuto
Street Soccer USA


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