Thursday, February 4, 2010

PASS IT TO PLAYERS...One Game, One Family, One Goal

After corresponding with an amazing high school student Krista Pacillo, 16, this past weekend I found out what an impact someone so young can have when they want to give back. Krista started a program called Pass It To Players. Her intentions were to collect, donate, and distribute soccer equipment anywhere in the world to players, teams, and clubs that can not afford it. On her website she says, “In starting this program I hope to provide players with the equipment they need to pursue their love for the game.”

After meeting Krista and her father in NJ this weekend to pick up the gear, I was blown away by the generosity of Krista and all of her donors as they gave the team 10 winter jacket, 12 warm-up jacket, 12 warm-up pants, 6 soccer balls, 2 dozen jerseys, 2 dozen shorts, 3 dozen shirts and over 20 pair of indoor and outdoor cleats!!!!

The SSNYC team is very lucky to have met an amazing friend of the program in Krista!!!

Donated gear on the SSUSA Pitch

SSNYC with their new gear!!


Tony said...

Goes to show age should never be an issue when it comes to helping others and being generous. Young or old, we should all start thinking about putting others before ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

Brittany said...

Sweet! You're awesome Krista - Charlotte is jealous!