Sunday, February 7, 2010

Disney Volunteerism Hits Home for SSUSA

Street Soccer USA was recently the lucky recipient of volunteers taking a day out of their lives to spend time with its New York City team and in turn, those volunteers earned a day at Disney via the “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day.” program. 50 volunteers from 50 states were selected based on their application and the New York State family, the Sydors, chose Street Soccer USA. Disney sent camera crews to 10 select sites . . . more news on what Disney will do with video when we find out.

Disney’s goal is to inspire 1 million citizens to volunteer time and energy for just one day, in an effort to make the world a bit better. In SSUSA’s case, it was a the Sydor family who spent their day helping the team in the home base of New York.

The great thing about this Disney program is that it is so straightforward and can have a huge effect on the charity, as well as the volunteers. In a note to SSUSA founder Lawrence Cann, the Luba Sydor wrote:

“I wanted to say thanks so much for coordinating our volunteer event with Street Soccer USA. Our family had a blast and the residents on your team are really amazing. The success you have had with the group is evident by the teamwork, character and soccer skills they all exhibited.

We would really love to continue working the SSUSA group in the near future. The boys are so excited about our trip next week and hope to have an opportunity to see you again soon!”

Take a moment to check out the easiest and most rewarding way to get Disney for a Day.

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Tony Everett said...

As always, great story. This is something that Pure Game wants to get involved with. Was it an easy process? I just need to take the time to get and register for the event. Have you thought about registering for the competition being held over at We submitted our application for that yesterday.