Monday, December 1, 2008

HWC DAY 1: Video Log

See some shots here from team USA's Day 1 experience at the Homeless World Cup.

Our team has shown great enthusiasm. We played one of the top teams and lost game one to Ireland.

In our second match we played Romania. Substitutions disrupted an even match and Romania cruised to victory in the second half by a comfortable margin.

I witnessed Alex Mwambi's Kenyan squad dispatch Germany 11-2, as well as Arcady's Russian squad get off to a 2-0 start with impressive passing and gentelmanly play as they beat Cambodia in their second match by 12 goals or so.

Here is the box score on the USA's first match

Starting 5 USA players
-Tim (goalkeeper)

Sub-in included: Jeremy, Tad and Diego

Score Sheet/Tracker
1st Half
-Ireland scores (1-0), 49 seconds into match
-USA scores (1-1), 1:53 into the match (Cornelius: Goal 1, Penalty Shot)
-USA goalkeeper, excellent right shoulder save at 2:42
-USA goalkeeper, excellent diving save at 3:32
-Ireland scores (2-1), 4:04 into the match
-Ireland scores (3-1), 5:32 into the match
-Ireland scores (4-1), 6:59 into the match
Half time: Ireland 4 USA 1

2nd Half
-Ireland scores (5-1), 1:18
-Ireland scores (6-1), 1:49
-Ireland scores (7-1), 2:25
-Ireland scores (8-1), 3:24
-Ireland scores (9-1), 5:09
-Ireland scores (10-1), 6:01
-USA Scores (10-2), 6:49, (Cornelius: Goal 2)
-Ireland scores (11-2), 7:11

Final Score: Ireland 11 USA 2
USA (0-1) after first day of match play: 12/1/2008

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Anonymous said...

Lawrence and Rob,
Hope you have a great tournament and an amazing adventure down under. Go Team USA!
Homeless to Homes