Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Clinton Global University Initiative

Much credit and congratulations to a group of students at the University of Virginia led by Junior Garett Trent, a former high school intern of mine, and Sophomore Trigg Brown. The students applied and were accepted for the CGIU conference. The proposal was to bring the Univeristy together with the business community and homeless servce agencies to find solutions to the problem of homelessness in their immediate community. They proposed creat a Street Soccer USA team as key part of their strategy to bring the community together. We expect to see Charlottesville at the US Cup next July. Hopefully their efforts will establish a replicable model for other Univeristies and university students to engage in solving homelessness.

Check back for more updates from the students as they dive into their initiative.

P.S. Another high school intern, Lane Baldwin, at Chapel Hill has organized students groups in a similar fashion from the University of North Carolina. We will see how the Tar Heels and the Cavs do in DC next summer.

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