Tuesday, July 31, 2007

US ties ireland 8-8, but go down on penalties, then beats India

Michael McGregor, pictured here, scored one of the goals of the tournament on a rare header goal, field in a long lob from Daniel Martinez and redirecting it into the ned. This gave the US its first lead 2-1 after going down early. The US proceeded to dominate the match, leading 6-4 at half, giving up a goal at the final buzzer. That goal would haunt the Americans when a late equalizer gave the Irish a tie. The Irish subsequently advanced after the first round of sudden death penalities.

For the US, the match showed the crowd the true caliber of our team, but the result was disappointing. Nevertheless, the team has been in good spirits. Last night on their own initiative they all went out on a midnight bike ride together on the free urban bike progam here in Copenhagen. Congrats to our boys despite the tought loss.

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scott said...

hei lawrence.

Scott Wall, Davidson '80 (soccer all 4 years) sending congratulations on my amazement at what you've been doing jointly with UNCC and Urban Ministries. I've been following the Homeless World Cup and the whole Street Soccer program since Linda Samuels started working with your program. I've tried to email a couple of times but haven't been able to get through to you.

I have really enjoyed reading the blogs and as an architect (now), with no knees (lost to soccer), I've felt connected to the two most important experiences in my life (excluding family) -- soccer and architecture. You've all proven that something can be done to change the world -- to make the world aware. It's been great. I hope to be able to visit the ARTPARK before Linda departs for LA for a tour and hope to see you when you return.

Best wishes and prayers for you as you continue. Don't forget the mission in pursuit of soccer greatness. I know from familial experience how passionate that drive can become.

If you get a chance to reply you can contact me via email at: swall2@utk.edu.