Monday, July 30, 2007

USA beats Slovakia!

Our first victory had everything you love about sports in it. With Dave out due to injury we moved Reggie into the net and put Daniel into the field where he made immediate impact scoring the first goal. Then, moments later he recieved a blue card once again early in the game for a call that seemed like it could have gone either way. We preach fair play before every match, and our players, many of whom came to us with anger issues, were put the test once again. We stayed composed and kept Slovakia off the scoreboard even playing a man down. Reggie made several tremendous saves including two penalty kicks. Pop had to step in after Daniel's card and delivered an incredibel performance in a new position in a hard fought match. In the end our discipline wore them down. We poured on several goals in the second half and won 6-1. Here is the picture after the game of the guys in high spirits.

The first game was rough. We ask our players to observe fair play at all times. When Michael McGregor slipped he tried avoid the opposing player, but inexplicably recieved a blue a card and had to leave the field. Shortly there after, Dave, Michael brother, suffered a bruised knee after a rough tackle. Here is a picture of the brothers in the training tent after the match. Spirits were low after the match, but we were proud of our team for maintaining their sportsmanship in match that infuriated them more with every passing minute. Congrats to Burundi who shrugged off visa problems to surpass us 4-2.

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Elyse said...

I am so proud of you guys!!!! WOO HOO!!! :)