Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Street Soccer Reserves Do Us Proud at Home

toney kelly

Toney Kelly, 2005 Cup veteran, sat out the Cape Town trip while Street Soccer 945 went to represent the country in the World Cup. However, that didn't stop Toney from playing soccer. The Wednesday of our departure for South Africa coincided with the semifinals of our local league. Toney rallied the team along with Amil Livingston in the absence of the coaches and the core players. The two also recruited the help of Community Works 945Garden Guru, Don Boekelheide for transportation. Our three women and several of the other Street Soccer Reserves formed a team and represented us in the semifinals, saving us the shame of our first ever forfeit. Although they lost 15-0, the group deserves an amazing amount of credit for putting forth such and effort to get a ride, wash the uniforms, and gather the equipment. It is a true testimony to the importance the activity of soccer carries for them. Vive el Futbol! Great Job Street Soccer!

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