Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two sets of brothers

Brothers Dave and Michael

Michael also made the national team but his new job prevented him from taking up the offer. He is very focused on making the team next year. I post this picture of them today because of our capricious encounter this afternoon. Rob and I left our extend staff meeting and headed to Charlotte Emergency Housing to pay Dave a visit. As we passed Phieffer street where dinner is served for those on the street we saw the soccer crowd. There was Dave and Michael with the rest of the gang. As it was wednesday, the two had walked over to see if there was a game.

It was good timing for the two of them. When the family had hit the street, Michael, 19, found a friend whose parent allowed him to stay for a while. Michael informed me that seeing how Dave's mother was having a hard time getting enough work to get out of emergency housing, he was going to leave the home he was staying in to move in with Dave and his mother in order to help them all get an apartment. Michael's idea is to keep on working for a month, in the meantime, to help his mother find work, and to move out, the three of them, come November. So Rob and I rode Michael and Dave out to Michael's former home and picked up his shoes, a large duffle, and his winter jacket, and took them back over to Charlotte Emergency Housing. He had no other easy way to transport the stuff.

It was good to hear that Dave had an easy transition back to school and thought he would be prepared for his exams next Monday. Michael wants our help getting his GED and pell grant. He has concrete plans for achieving the American dream. IF he can not misstep over the next two years, I am sure he will achieve that dream. These two brothers will help guide our program as examples for the other participants over the next six months. For me and my brother, it is great fortune to have them.

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