Saturday, November 21, 2009

Teen Homelessness

Another great NYT piece about teen homelessness


Tony said...

Great article. I would like to know how people in the soccer world can prevent many of these kids ever having to make the decision to leave home? I know I would like to do something to help here on the West Coast.

Lawrence said...

Thanks for your post tony. Many leave home because the street is safer than an abusive houshold. Some teens are kicked out. some are aging out of foster care. prevention is definitely the best scenario. The long term growth of street soccer will show the proof of sport for development and hopefully lead to sport for development programs for those at risk. in san fran we work with Glide and their youthbuild program. There we are trying to connect folks back to family or prevent them from running away to the street, but rather keep them in school and in a community even though they are homeless. likewise in minneapolis. where in cali are you?

Tony said...

SoCal, Orange County. I wouldn't mind getting more information on the Glide programs. I am talking with Stand Up For Kids in OC about working with them and my Pure Game leagues. Based on Street Soccer it allows people just to play the game and have some fun.