Friday, May 22, 2009

Blue Bombers are #1

Pictured above is a group of 3rd graders called "The Blue Bombers," a soccer team fromin Takoma Park, MD
The team has been together since the boys were in kindergarten - the
fall of 2005. Also pictured is their coach from the beginning,Trevor
Alleyne. In the words of the parents, Trevor is, " a wonderful coach and leader."

The Blue Bomber collected $160 for Street Soccer USA and became the first soccer team in the nation to collect money for the homeless. We salute our brothers and sisters in the beautiful game, The Blue Bombers. Soccer teaches many lessons, and helps with our personal development. Most of all, it helps point to our common humanity. Thank you, bombers for helping others access the power of the beautiful game to change their lives.

You are the first team in the country to a Street Soccer USA, Soccer For Social Change thumbs up! If you can make it to DC in July, we'd love to recognize you at our annual Street Soccer USA Cup, July 31-August 2nd at Washington Kastles Stadium in downtown, DC. Keep in touch!

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