Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Victory is ours! SSNYC get fist win

--New York, New York, Chelsea Pier's league.
10-4, HELP USA's Next Step and SEC shelter's claimed vicory in their third league match. Jarvis Strose, 30 years old, 1346 days in the NYC shelter system is a different person than the guy I met two months ago. After his fourth goal we subbed him and I heard him explaining to a reporter who came to our game in his unique English that "The team is a place for smiles. Everybody come and smile, smile." He gives a lot to the team, mostly in the form of his consistency. He's a guy with special needs, with a lot to offer, and he's offering it up. Everyone else feeds off it. Human potential beginning to be realized. It's beautiful. Dexter Barnet, 47, also had four goals. At dinner after the game we had pizza and salad and water. Dexter ordered a coke. "You like soda," coach Chris Murray asked him. "This is normal. Having a coke with dinner, chatting with people. I miss this," was Dexter's retort. Dexter is a beautiful player. All the ball tricks you can imagine. One moment tonight he put the ball through another player's legs and blasted the ball into the roof of the net. Everyone on the sideline simply marveled at the move. Most of us couldn't conceive of maneuver he just pulled off, least of all the other team's defender. It's beautiful to see Dexter filled with confidence, talking about where he wants to be in the future. Then there was Chris Lodgson. He's moving out of the shelter Friday. He's excelled a this game soccer that he's just learned. We asked Chris to start thinking about college and his long term future. There is Woods who is battling and depression, all smiles, Kourtney who just joined the team getting his first taste of action, Charles Mark, Jean Jeresta, Andres Negron, all these guys full of smiles, full of hope. What can I say, it was a touchy-feely evening. Everyone smiling, everyone winners. Working hard and seeing the reward. I think everyone felt affirmed, touched hope tangibly. Winning is contagious they say. We certainly hope so.

next week's game
Home: Milbank
Away: StreetSoccer NY
Location: North Field
Date: 5/5/2009
Time: 6:00 PM
Day of Week: Tue

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Rob C. said...

Congrats! That took just slightly less time than Art Works F.C. took to get its first victory. 42 matches to be precise.