Saturday, April 11, 2009

HULU and Kicking IT

Meritoriously so, Kicking It is number one on HULU!!

If you don't know HULU, go right now and watch Kicking IT on I don't own a TV and watch everything over the net on hulu and sites like it.

Ted Leonsis who is a heartfelt and amazing supporter of Street Soccer USA, is also the lead producer behind Kicking It. He wrote this on his active and informative blog Ted's take Ted is really an inspirational and innovative leader, and his films make a big difference on important issues. You should visit his site and watch his other movie, Nanking, about the Rape of Nanking.

Craig, our player feature in the film, by the way, still trains with Street Soccer USA at the Urban Minisitry Center in Charlotte. He works as moped delivery man and cook. He's addressed his anger management issues through counseling, and he is taking a course to earn his high school diploma.

Last week, Crag and his teammates on the Street Soccer Stars (a group of formerly homeless Street Soccer USA alumni and coaches) won 6-4 to move to the top of their spring league.

Go Kicking It, Go Ted Leonsis, Go Craig, Go Teams!

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