Friday, June 10, 2011

Harvey Dent, DJ E-Nygma, Rocka headline Saturday Music at SSUSA Cup 2011

Come on out to Kastles Stadium on Saturday to watch some street soccer matches and hear some great music. Saturday features

DJ Harvey Dent
After the passing of his maternal grandmother when he was a child, DJ Harvey Dent retrieved a clock radio from the boxes of
belongings that had to be moved. From that point on, his love of music grew as he listened to various radio stations in the
Baltimore/DC area. Harvey started to collect music on his own though living in a mostly music-less home. His love of music was
unlike his parents, especially his mother who described his purchases of music as a "waste." This did not discourage him, as he
went on to use his love and collection of music into the focus of becoming a DJ. To date DJ Harvey Dent has performed at many
venues in the Baltimore/DC area and has opened for many artists such as The Pharcyde, Styles P, Camp Lo, Dionne Farris, Fertile
Ground, Oddisee, Hezekiah, Juggaknots, and Ursula Rucker. His podcast/mixtape series, High Yellow Soul, is a perfect blend of his
first love, Hip-Hop fused with soulful R&B/Neo-Soul.

DJ E-Nygma (Raj Stewart)
A fan first, DJ E-Nygma (Raj Stewart) has been immersed in music for as long as he can remember. From a childhood spent listening to gospel, classical, soul, jazz, and R&B records with his parents, to branching out to reggae, hip-hop, house, and more as a teen and adult, music has been a constant. Vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and now digital music all share a special place in his heart. After spending years learning by watching DJs on local radio and clubs, he transitioned to doing small parties, then his own collegiate radio show. Since then, it's been a continuous process of learning and growing with music.

From club residencies to corporate events to concerts, E-Nygma has been fortunate to have a wealth of opportunities afforded to him by music. In turn, he has been able to give something back, in the form of music-related projects with youth organizations, charity events, and community service programs in Baltimore and Boston.

When he's not playing records, you can usually find him scouring flea markets and used vinyl shops, or at his day job, studying how the brain enables reading and language processing (seriously)... of course, his day job also comes equipped with a playlist.

About Rocka:
Rocka was born in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago, origins of Steel Pan and Calypso music.
He moved to America to pursue his dreams and a better life.
He considers his style of music RockaLypso- a fusion of Pop, Reggae and Soca, which is based on his varied musical influences.
Rocka has performed at the Apollo Theater in New York, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Florida.
His originality in vocal style, songwriting ability and guitar playing skill has won him awards in local and national competitions.
His latest release 'Luv Bunny' is available for download on iTunes.

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