Friday, May 14, 2010

Charlotte Scrimmages Local High School

After cheering on the Charlotte Street Soccer 945 team at league games this spring, friends and South Meck club members recently hosted Street Soccer 945 for a scrimmage. The following blog is written by Anna Sturkey, Royal Court Charter member and SSAI organizer.

I asked the members of Sabres Stand Against Indifference (SSAI) who would be willing to play in a scrimmage against Street Soccer 945 one Friday night. When 10 people automatically raised their hands, I knew we would have more than enough. What I didn't know was that not only would 14 people show up to play, but that we would have 10-15 additional students show up to be spectators. A soccer player, and huge fan of Street Soccer 945, Francesca Moss took the lead, organizing the team, to make sure we had some talented and experienced players, though we all knew we were no where near the level of the 945 team.

We arrived at Freedom Park 20 minutes early to practice, considering none of us had ever played together before. The Street Soccer 945 team arrived, making us look small in our random white t-shirts compared to their organized blue uniforms. We scrimmaged four games, and we lost every game but one. There were moments of intensity when one team almost scored (or in the case of 945, did score) but there were also moments of laughter, such as when Luis and I joked about their being no mercy on the field, not even for friends.

The best part of the night was after the games were over, and we headed over to shade to enjoy a taco buffet together. Street Soccer 945 and the SSAI members were suddenly on the same team, enjoying funny (and sometime serious) conversations while scarfing down chips and queso. It was awesome to see high schoolers and neighbors together sharing food, life, and making friends; it was a moment of community.

Later that night, after Street Soccer 945 left, SSAI member Noah Noxon said, "This was the most fun I have had in a long time." All the high schoolers agreed.

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