Friday, March 19, 2010

SS945 Charlotte Improves to 3-2

Street soccer 945 does it again! Taking home another win last night brings the season standings to 3-2. I arrived about 15 minutes before they took the field. It was a cool crisp evening and Street Soccer 945 was warming up. I was a little shocked at first as I had never seen so many Street Soccer 945 uniforms donned at once. I counted 14 players in all. Impressive turn out to say the least. Also in attendance, beyond the usual Watershed superfans, was a group of students from South Mecklenburg High School. Representing their soccer team and a community service group, these students not only came out and cheered but also served orange slices to the players at half-time - very cool and nostalgic!

So maybe we should talk a little about the game itself? The team really gelled, tonight, and put on a beautiful display of teamwork and ball control. Our defense was solid. Communication was solid. Offense was solid. Passing was solid (except for Pete). The team was simply solid tonight. First out the gate with a goal was Mister who popped in a nice one to the left side after receiving a great cross from Pete. And the crowd goes wild. Mister wasn't done, though, and came back a short time later to slide another goal in. Literally. After playing a pass back, Pete ran the ball up and delivered another beautiful (adequate) cross to Mister who slid at the last possible moment to sneak the ball into the goal. And the crowd goes crazy. The third and fourth goals were delivered in the second half. Bern was the source of a beautiful power shot from just over the half that made the net at the back of the goal weep in pain. And the crowd goes nuts.

Attending the Street Soccer 945 games is more than watching good soccer, it's a chance to watch transformation at work. As you witness the skills of the players increase, you are also given the opportunity to see their lives change. Regardless of the score, Street Soccer 945 will always win.

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