Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gerardo Gomez nominated as an All Star Hero

Gerardo Gomez (last on the left) has worked with Andrea Marchetti of Jovenes Inc in LA to develop their street soccer program. The talented LA team finished second at the SSUSA Cup last year and sent two people abroad on our national team. One, Johnny Figueroa is now coaching the team while he studies at the community college.

Gerardo has been working as an advocate and activist for many years and is a former board member of the National Coalition for the Homeless. He’s now nominated as an All Star Hero from Los Angeles. L.A. Dodgers will honor the 3 People Magazine All Star finalists and some community members in the pre-game ceremonies before they play the Oakland A's this coming Thursday, June 18th at 7:10pm.

In addition, People Magazine is selecting one person from each community to represent their cause nationally. To vote go to . Once here, you can click on the DODGERS LOGO and submit your vote under Gerardo Gomez. The top vote getter from each team will honored at the 2009 MLB All Star Game in St. Louis!

Having the opportunity to go to the All Star Game will not only give Gerardo the opportunity to represent the L.A. Dodgers but more importantly it will provide the opportunity to bring awareness to the issue of Homelessness.

Vote for Gerardo to raise awareness and recognize his great work. Way to go Gerardo!

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