Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't Mess with Texas

Street Soccer Austin battled the visiting squad from Fort Worth in the first ever meeting between the two Texas Street Soccer programs. In Fort Worth Carla and Warren have added a love of soccer to their love of people. Carla is among other things a barrel racer on horseback, Warren, a retired police officers. Their players a mixture of immigrants and young men living on the street. The Fort Worth team emphasizes community, goal setting, and the importance of a spiritual life.

Tad Christie, the national team star from Sabelyn Pussman's Austin team was absent from the contest. Tad entered beautician school which he hopes will supplement his income as a street soccer star--or vice versa! In all seriousness Tad is doing great and really has entered beautician school.

Coach Craig combined with Sabelyn and a group of new recruits from the ARCH in Austin to give the Fort Worth team a good game, but in the end the visitors left with bragging rights. While Austin was calling for a rematch, Fort Worth sent a message to the other teams around the US---C U N DC!

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