Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MLSnet.com features Street Soccer USA and Kicking It, Players Take Tests, Get Documents, Train Hard

Today 3 players from Charlotte took their GED pre-test and 3 more will take the pre-test or pieces of the actual exam tomorrow. One of those player is Craig Holley, featured in the film Kicking It, which MLS featured along with Street Soccer USA as a top story today on their MLSnet official website. Link here to view the article. Or simply visit MLSnet.com.

In other news, 6 of the 8 national team members are now in possession of their passports. Cornelius Cruz, now 5 months into sobriety, is simply waiting on his to arrive and Densi Diaz is trying to sort out difficult paperwork regarding his passport since he was unaware of his parents or birth record upon arriving in the US from Honduras as a 13 year old. Densi has a valid greencard and we are optimistic for his case.

National team goalie Tim Cummings recently won the division championship with his local team and got his vacation request approved for his travel to Australia. Tad Christie secured a job doing dry wall and is training daily ahead Australia. Diego Vivieros recently secured a job as a doorman and Street Soccer USA is working with HELP USA caseworkers to put in his green card replacement application this week. More news coming soon . . .

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