Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colin Farrell Supports HWC around the world

Colin Farrel discusses his soccer background (Colin's father was capped for Ireland and Colin was youth player until 15), soccer in the USA, and the HWC with our own Lawrence Cann at the Sundance Festival.

Colin, of course, besides being a talented and famous actor, is the narrator of "Kicking It." Kat Byle's interview with Colin for the HWC can be linked to here

The film's website is

Director Susan Koch, editor Jeff Warner, director of photography Neil Barrett, and composer Charlie Barnett deserve top praise. The film, which ESPN bought, played to loud applause and packed theaters in Park City. Like the sport of soccer does, this film to an amazing degree, humanizes the homeless in an honest and beautiful way.


Don said...

Great post, Lawrence, thanks for sharing a bit of the excitement of being at Sundance. All of us back in Charlotte and at the Center are inspired by the success of the documentary.

lcsamuels said...

Look at you two cuties. :-) i like that look, Lawrence. you ain't got nothin on me, man.