Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stars Shine

Street Soccer Stars ended a two game losing streak to move into second place in the league standings on Tuesday night, winning 5-3. The competition was not as stiff as previous weeks and Jorge’s return in the back was welcomed. The story of the match was Dwayne’s goal (Dwayne is pictured above), the 4th that put us in the lead for good after the half. Why is it the story? Because it extended Dwayne’s streak of goals. He has now scored in every match he has played in for Street Soccer 945 and the Street Soccer Stars. That is 6 games straight and a total of 9 goals. The other nice moment was when 24 year-old volunteer Chris scored our team’s fifth goal with just under 5 minutes to play. The two-goal lead took the pressure of the defense a bit. From a game that saw us miss many chances, we will build positively off the good hustle and improved team play. In another kudos to big Dwayne, known affectionately as D-bone to his teammates, we are happy to congratulate him on passing a drug test and receiving out patient recommendation from the McCleod Center. Dwayne is 6 weeks into his sobriety and has maintained it since leaving a 28 day program. The Stars are back in action after the holiday.

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