Saturday, August 4, 2007

Final Day

Daniel, Ray, and Elmer show of the Ombold Trophy competion plate for fourth place as well as their medals. The US earned the respect of its opponents and the referees after an excellent showing in the Cup. We will return home proud and ready to share our story.

An exciting final saw Scotland beat Poland to win the Homeless World Cup.

You can see the large crowd as well as Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik in the brown jacket next to HWC president Mel Young.

Thanking the crowd

pregame photo before our final match against Greece.

Ambassador Cain returned to watch our quarter final victory over Argentina. You can see our players and coaches, the Ambassador in the red tie and Dave Tyahla from the US Soccer Foundation--the charitable arm of the US Soccer Federation, on the US sideline for the match.


Group of Concerned Citizens said...

We are so proud, guys. Look forward to hearing stories.

carringtonpbrown said...

congradulations from all of us in richmond! can't wait to hear all about it. lawrence and rob's mom