Tuesday, May 22, 2007

National Team Training Weekend

above picture features the team after their run at the US National Whitewater Park.

The nation pool of hopefuls for the travel sqaud to the Homeless World Cup in Denmarkn gathered in Charlotte for the nation team training weekend.

Players began training friday afternoon with a serious of street soccer mathces at the new Street Soccer Park. Later the national team headed outside the city to the US National Whitewater Training Headquarters for three mile cross country run. Players trained in T-shirts, shorts, and socks donated by the North Carolina Olympic Development Progam and in shoes provided by Europsort's passback program.

The 14 players trying out for 8 spots showed excellent teamwork and good spirit throughout the weekend. Player stayed together at Covenant Presbyerian Church both Friday and Saturday night. Saturday was the longest training day including a morning run and station training before the DOWD YMCA opens its doors to the team for an early afternoon swim and bath. The day finished with a serious of four-a-side matches back at the Street Soccer Park. The team rose early for a final training run on Sunday before departing.

Once a final evaluation of documents is made, the final national team squad will be announced in approximately two weeks.

See here photos of the hopefuls and some video from the weekend.

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