Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What do I do with all these players?--says coach Rob below

Several players didn't show up to the game tonight. Good thing, because we already had more players than uniforms. On tuesday we had 19 people at practice. Last night we had Daniel and Elmer from Honduras, Joshua an 18 young man from outside Charlotte, Dave and Michael McGregor, Pop, Trill Gates, Zenas Fewell, Michael "Breeze" Simpson, Vicky, Ray, Angelique, Bobby, Rob, Lawrence, Chris, C. White, Amil, Tony Kelly, and Andrey Wannamaker. Clearly many more people that could get in the game. I think that is 19 which include 4 people who showed up at the game replacing three that were at the practice yesterday but not at the game. And we still have others we consider team members!

We played the undefeated "Firing Squad" and the compliments after the match were some consolation to our 3-7 defeat. "You guys are the best competition we have had all season. Great effort." That says a lot for our squad which successully blends talent experience, and the lack of both to into a feeling of general cohesion. Our goals came from the Mcregor brothers--two to Dave who painted his adidas samba classics silver with spray paint to give them the flavor of Ronaldinho--Dave is a 17 year old student at West Charlotte.Dave,Michael are seen here in the CW945 office with their sister Yoland and their nephew Xavier.

With two penalties awared to the other team, a soft goal conceded at the end of the first half and two soft goals conceded when we were pressing the final minutes, we certainly felt we had the quality to have at least had a chance to win. Still, we lacked organization defensively if not urgency and flow offensively if not effort.

When we arrived back at the center, old buddy Matt Jules, a program alumnus, was there waiting to great us. He wanted to announce to us his new job with the city! He invited several players to his house for the night. "This is where I felt like I wasn't a loser when I was on the bottom, and now that I am doing well I wanted to share it with you guys" were Matt's words.

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