Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More excitement but another TIE (less goals this time)

Last week we were as delighted to score 10 goals as we were worried about giving up 10 goals. At half time of this week’s game the score was 0-0.

Daniel, Jorge, and Elmer, the afro-honduran trio of sharp players were absent due to work. In their stead, Brian provided excellent goal keeping with much improved technique. Likewise Michael McGregor continues to show tremendous improvement from week to week. Michael has gone from a marginal participant to one of our hardest workers and major threats offensively. The big news of the day was the debut of our new defender, Reggie, from Sierra Leon, West Africa. He came in midway through the first half and helped us calm the game down and move the ball effectively. He looked to be the hero in the second half when with just two minutes to go he slammed a low left foot blast of a give and go on the left flank in the lower right corner of the goal from 25 yards out. There were just 3 minutes left on the clock and victory seemed inevitable. Then, on an unfortunate handball just one minute later, our opponents were awarded a free kick. The ball slammed off the back board wide of the near post, but the rebound hit the back of Goalkeeper Brian’s outstretched arm and trickled into the goal. Despite two chances near the end, Street Soccer 945 registered its second tie in as many weeks, 3-3.

Excellent techinical play and hustle by Cyrus Wuor and Dave McGregor was all for nought as they simply could not force the ball in the net, quite the opposite of last week’s game. Old timer Andrey Wannamaker provided key defending at the start of the first half, and really old timer and team mentor Ray Isaac was called on for the firt time in over a season to provide a five minute run of tough defending in the second half. Special mention goes to Tony Kelly who worked today and showed up at the game midway throught the first half. We were out of uniforms and equipment so Tony sat the match out. He, as well as the other who didn’t play were a great positive force on the bench. This is another marked improvement for Street Soccer 945 over the past weeks.

We may be short handed however (and this is a good thing) because Brian, Cyrus and others will be away on a temporary work job with Shut Down Solutions, a company that cleans nuclear boilers. This will give both of them the capital they need to get in an apartment.

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